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S.V. Semochkin
Diagnosis and principles of therapy of multiple myeloma
№2 / 2018
G.P. Arutiunov, L.G. Oganezova, A.V. Sokolova
Health centers: opportunities and perspectives in early diagnosis of heart failure and kidney involvement in patients with arterial hypertension
№1 / 2012
Sirotin B.Z.
History of study of hemorrhagic hantavirus fever in Far East of Russia
№5-6 / 2012
Yumatov E.A., Sudakov K.V.
“Simbiotic” approach to compensation of chronic kidney disease in human
№5-6 / 2012
Fomin V.V., Kupriyanov I.E., Razuvaeva M.A.
Multiple renal arteries – an epiphenomena or potential cause of arterial hypertension?
№5-6 / 2012
Alyayev Yu.G., Ishchenko A.I. , Gadzhiyeva Z.K., Chushkov Yu.V.
Urination disorders in women – an interdisciplinary problem
№5-6 / 2012
Demicheva T.P.
Diabetic nephropathy and anemia: treatment considerations
№5-6 / 2012
Milovanova L.Yu., Milovanov Y.S., Dobrosmislov I.A., Moiseev S.V.
Perspectives of sevelamer in hyperphosphatemia treatment in patients with chronic kidney disease stage III–V
№5-6 / 2012
Resnikov A.Yu.,Tikhomirov E.E., Gavrilova V.A., Yurasova Yu.B., Petrosian E.K.
Association of gene of glucocorticoid receptor polymorphism in children with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome
№5-6 / 2012
Sjarsky S.L., Slobodianiuk O.N., Slobodianiuk S.N.
Kidney involvement in physical excersice-induced rhabomyolisis in young people
№5-6 / 2012
Kurochkina O.N., Erusheva E.V., Kurochkina N.A., Vundervald D.S.
Renal function parameters and treatment of patients with previous myocardial infarction in routine clinical practice
№5-6 / 2012
Chicherina E.N., Padyganova A.V.
Structural and functional interrelations of changes of cardiorenal system in pregnant women with chronic arterial hypertension
№5-6 / 2012

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