The scientific legacy of professor G.A. Zakharin (1829-1897) – a great clinician and teacher. Оn the 125th anniversary of the scientist's death


Morgoshiia T.Sh., Inkin A.V.

Saint Petersburg state pediatric medical university, Saint Petersburg, Russia
The main scientific and practical achievements of the great Russian therapist and clinician G.A. Zakharin are presented. The little-known facts from the life of Grigory Antonovich as a teacher and a competent clinician are analyzed. It is noted that the medical activity of Grigory Antonovich Zakharin was of great importance for the development of Russian and world clinical thought. He introduced the concept of the body as an integral system, advocating the introduction of prevention and hygiene in medicine. A clinical method created by the joint efforts of Russian doctors of the XVIII and early XIX centuries and brought by G.A. Zakharin, as the prominent French clinician A. Yushar said, to the height of art, became the property of doctors all over the world. For 35 years (1861-1896), G.A. Zakharyin was at the head of the faculty therapeutic clinic of Moscow University, steadily observing the method of individualization in his own clinical activity and tirelessly promoting it among his students–students and doctors. Undoubtedly, in the person of G.A. Zakhariina is a venerable figure of an original Russian scientist, deeply erudite, with broad views on the theory of medicine, the personality of a talented diagnostician and empiricist therapist, who completely subordinated his interests to the tasks of recognizing and treating an individual patient.

About the Autors

Morgoshiya Temuri Shakroevich – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, oncologist surgeon Saint Petersburg state pediatric medical university, Saint Petersburg; phone: 8 (905) 207-05-38; e-mail:
ORСID: / 0000-0003-3838-177X.
Inkin Alexander Vladimirovich – a student of the SSS in surgery of Saint Petersburg state pediatric medical university, Saint Petersburg.

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