Experience of darbeporetin alfa use in management of anaemia in patients with chronic renal insufficiency

I.L. Novoseltsev, N.L. Novoseltseva, E.A. Kuznetsova, Yu.V. Mihailova

LLC “ Dialysis Center” Moscow Region
Aim Estimation of efficacy of darbepoeitin-alfa in correction of anemia in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) on program heamodialysis (HD), previously treated with short-acting recombinant human erythropoeitins (rHuEpo).
Methods 49 patients with CKD stage V on HD (26 male and 23 female, mean age 51,5614,86 years) were included into the study. All patients were transfered from short-acting rHuEpo to darbepoeitin-alfa.
Results. Treatment with darbepoeitin-alfa was associated with achievement and stabilization of target levels of haemoglobin. (10,3+1,24 g/l after 4 minths of treatment). Darbepoeitin-alfa was well tolerated; it's efficacy was influenced by secondary hyperparathyreoidism.
Conclusion. Darbepoeitin-alfa is effective in achivement and maintenance of target haemoglobin level in heamodialysis patients.

About the Autors

Novoseltsev I.L. - LLC “ Dialysis Center” Moscow Region, Ph.D.,
E-mail: igor.novoseltsev@euromedic.ru;
Novoseltseva N.L. - LLC “ Dialysis Center”
Kuznetsova E.A. - LLC “ Dialysis Center”
Mihailova Yu.V. - LLC “ Dialysis Center”

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