Sexual hormones and chronic kidney disease in men

I.A. Tyuzikov

LLC “Medical Center of diagnostics and prophylaxis – plus”, Yaroslavl
Summary. Pathogenetic communications between disturbances of sexual hormones (androgens and estrogens) exchange and Chronic Kidneys Diseases at men based on results of modern epidemiological, experimental and clinical researches are shined in the literary review, and direct and mediated Pathophysiological mechanisms of these communications in detail are considered also. The important role of man's sexual hormones (androgens) in realisation of Gender Pathogenetic features and clinical current and progressing of Chronic Kidneys Diseases is shown in the aspect of given problem. Androgen Deficiency at men is independent risk factor of Chronic Kidneys Diseases progressing which especially often observed at Chronic Renal Insufficiency men. Besides, deficiency of testosterone at men with chronic nephrological diseases is considered as authentic and essential risk factor of the general and cardiovascular death rate, especially at terminal stage of Chronic Renal Insufficiency men, being on a hemodialysis. The hormonal-and-metabolic correlations described in the literary review at Chronic Kidneys Diseases men are not settling, but even the presented literary material demands to consider chronic nephrological diseases at men from a gender interdisciplinary position, considering a key role of testosterone in a man's metabolism.

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Tyuzikov I.A. - LLC “Medical Center of diagnostics and prophylaxis – plus”, Ph.D.

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