Diagnostic errors and dialysis complications are factors of unfavorable prognosis in 4–5 stage chronic kidney disease

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.18565/nephrology.2018.2.77-80

A.Yu. Nikolayev

FSBEI FPE “Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education” of RMH, De-partment of Nephrology and Hemodialysis; Moscow, Russia
The review discusses the prognostic factors in chronic kidney disease and dialysis complications, as well as the choice of the method of renal replacement therapy.

About the Autors

Nikolayev A.Yu. – Professor at the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis, FSBEI FPE RMACPE of RMH; Moscow, Russia
E-mail: nickolaev.aleksei2011@yandex.ru

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