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A.Yu. Nikolayev
Diagnostic errors and dialysis complications are factors of unfavorable prognosis in 4–5 stage chronic kidney disease
№2 / 2018
O.K. Botvin'ev, M.P. Safonova
Asimmetry in inborn kidney hypoplasy and children viability in dependence of affection lateralization
№5 / 2013
O.N. Kurochkina 1, A.N. Bogomolov 2, A.V. Kuznetsov 3
Renal function assessment in formation of unfarovable prognostic model in patients with myocardial infaction (acute coronary syndrome with ST elevation)
№3 / 2013
G.P. Arutiunov, A.G. Arutiunov, D.D. Pashkevich, N.Yu. Voevodina, N.O. Balanina, M.I. Korsunskaya, A.V. Grishina
Clinical significance of asymptomatic bacteriuria in patients with chronic heart failure
№2 / 2012
Autosomal-dominant polycystic kidney disease: perspectives of treatment
№3 / 2011
E.R. Makeeva, O.V. Troshen’kina, S.V. Khiteva
Chronic kidney disease and prognosis in patients with chronic heart failure
№6 / 2010
M.M. Batiushin, N.S, Vrublevskaya, V.P. Terentiev
Prognostic determinants of chronic heart failure, complicated with renal disfunction
№5 / 2010
S.R. Gilyarevsky
Hyperuricemia and chronic heart failure: is there any connection?
№5 / 2010
N.V. Tchebotareva, I.N. Bobkova, L.V. Kozlovskaya
Urinary excretion of nephrin as a marker of glomerulary filter deterioration in proteinuric forms of chronic glomerulonephritis
№4 / 2010
Prehypertension: how to evaluate the clinical and prognostic significance?
№2 / 2010
G.E. Gendlin, MD., PhD., Prof; V.Yu. Shilo, MD.; N.A. Tomilina, MD., PhD., Prof; G.I Storogakov, MD., PhD., Prof; S.V. Borisovskaya, MD.; O.A. Ettinger, MD; S.V. Badaeva, MD.; O.A. Gavryushina, MD., PhD.
Left ventricular myocardial hypertrophy and its prognostic role at chronic kidney disease
№1 / 2009
N.A. Mukhin, MD., PhD., Prof; G.P. Arutyunov MD., PhD., Prof; V.V. Fomin MD., PhD. (Moscow)
Albuminuria as a marker of kidney injury and cardiovascular risk
№1 / 2009

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