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Avetisyan E.A., Kostritsa N.S.
Regional citrate anticoagulation with 4% sodium citrate
№2 / 2023
Trushkin R.N., Martov A.G., Sokolov S.A., Isaev T.K., Shcheglov N.E., Teikhrib P.P.
Method for surgical treatment of bladder cancer in patients with end-stage renal disease n renal replacement therapy with program hemodialysis simultaneously with the treatment and prevention of purulent pyelonephritis. Review of clinical cases
№2 / 2023
S.I. Rey, N.V. Vasina, G.A. Berdnikov, L.V. Marchenkova, O. N. Kotenko
Organization of renal replacement therapy in emergency medicine in the context of new Coronaviral infection
№2 / 2021
S.I. Rey, N.V. Vasin, L.V. Marchenkov, O.N. Kotenko
Principles for the organization of renal replacement therapy in emergency medicine of the Moscow healthcare department
№4 / 2019
A.Yu. Nikolayev
Diagnostic errors and dialysis complications are factors of unfavorable prognosis in 4–5 stage chronic kidney disease
№2 / 2018
N.A. Mikhailova
Phosphate-binder therapy: economical aspects
№5 / 2013
M. Krstich, A.B. Zul'karnaev
Modern approaches to treatment of septic complications and urosepsis in patients with urological diseases on renal replacement therapy
№5 / 2013
D.E. Kutepov, A.V. Popov, A.V. Tsigankov, M.G. Vershinina
Long-term sustained low efficiency dialysis in treatment of patients with cardiorenal syndrome
№5 / 2011
P.A. Vorobev, L.J. Bezmelnitsyna
Epidemiology and quality of life in patients with chronic renal failire and anemia, receiving programm hemodyalisis. Part 1. Epidemiology and use of erythropoietin medications
№1 / 2011

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