In memory of the great clinician-innovator and humanist academician of the USSR Academy of medical sciences Vladimir Kharitonovich Vasilenko (1897–1987). To the 125th anniversary of the scientist’s birth


Morgoshiia T.Sh., Turabova N.M.

1) Saint Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia; 2) SPb GBUZ City Polyclinic No. 99, Saint Petersburg, Russia
The article analyzes the key milestones in the life and work of the great Soviet therapist and clinician V.H. Vasilenko. It is noted that a talented scientist, a faithful follower of F.G. Yanovsky and N.D. Strazhesko, V.H. Vasilenko, for more than 60 years, with his vigorous scientific and practical activities, brilliantly developed Soviet medicine, enriching it with both experimental and significant clinical experience. Vladimir Kharitonovich’s scientific works are diverse and are represented by diseases of the kidneys, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, digestive tract organs, topical issues of propaedeutics of internal diseases, etc. In 1926, he brilliantly defended his PhD thesis on the topic “The clinical significance of aromatic compounds of blood and urine in kidney diseases”. It is shown that he first described (1931) the atrial tone of the heart and the syndrome of acute left atrial insufficiency in mitral cardiac stenosis. Of course, Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences V.Kh. Vasilenko remains a shining example for us, doctors, for our youth, who should draw on the wisdom of clinical thought and the experience of an outstanding Russian scientist of the XX century.

About the Autors

Morgoshiia Temuri Shakroevich – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, oncologist surgeon Saint Petersburg state pediatric medical university. Address: St. Petersburg; Litovskaya str. 2; e-mail: ORСID: Orс / 0000-0003-3838-177X.
Turabova Nargiz Mamedrasulovna – endocrinologist, St. Petersburg State Medical University GP No. 99. Address: Saint Petersburg; 38 Esenina str.

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