Survival of patients with terminal renal failure, receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

N.A. Novikova, G.E. Gendlin, G.I. Storojakov, N.A. Tomilina, A.M. Andrusev

Aim. Estimation of cumulative survival and factors of unfavorable prognosis in patients with terminal renal failure, receiving continuous peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). Methods. In 20 male and 30 female on CAPD were performed echocardiocardiography (in dry and full with dialysis solution abdominal cavity), 24-hour ECG-monitoring and blood pressure monitoring, ultrasound scanning of kidneys and vena cava inferior. Results. Cardiovascular complications were major (33,4% among all causes) cause of death in patients on CAPD. The leadings factors of cardiovascular remodeling in CAPD patients were serum albumin level <38 g/l, latent or evident hyperhydratation, low residual kidney function and levels of fractional urea clearance and creatinine clearance below the goal values. Conclusion. Cardiovascular causes are the leading cause of death in CAPD patients.

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