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E.V. Shutov, O.N. Kotenko
Telemedicine – relevance and problems. IT-technologies in peritoneal dialysis
№2 / 2018
O.N. Vetchinnikova, I.S. Pichugina
Protein-energy malnutrition in peritoneal dialysis patients: risk factors and diagnosis
№1 / 2015
A.G. Yankovoy., A.V. Vatasin., A.A. Sinutin., A.A. Smoliakov., V.A. Stepanov
Intraperitoneal bleeding at late postoperative period in CAPD patient
№2 / 2014
O.N. Vetchinnikova, V.P. Pronina., M.V. Agaltsov, R.O. Kantarya
Left ventricular remodeling in peritoneal dyalisis patients
№1 / 2012
N.A. Novikova, G.E. Gendlin, G.I. Storojakov, N.A. Tomilina, A.M. Andrusev
Survival of patients with terminal renal failure, receiving continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
№4 / 2010

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