Interdisciplinary approach to management of children with obstructive nephropathy in prevention of chronic kidney disease

G.A. Makovetskaya, S.S. Terehin, Z.B. Danilova, Yu.Yu. Bazranova, I.V. Barinov

Aim. Analysis of clinical course and outcomes of obstructive uropathy in children and determination of multidisciplinary approach to prevention of chronic kidney disease in this patients. Methods. 265 children with obstructive uropathies (hydronephrosis, megaurether) in age 1 month - 17 years were analyzed during period years 1999 - 2010. In 145 children with megaurether outcomes of kidney disease were retrospectively assessed; prospectively 120 children with hydronephrosis or megaurether were followed prospectively. Results. In retrospective part of the study 36,8% children recovered completely, 14,5% developed terminal rebal failure, chronic kidney disease stage II - IV - in 46,9%. Decrease in estimated glomerular filtration rate detected in 30% of children during 3 years of follow-up. Conclusion. Children with obstructive uropathy require early diagnosing and follow-up by nephrologists and urologists.

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