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V.IU. Shilo, L.I. Alihanova, V.P. Babich, K.A. Vishnevskii, I.V. Zhdanova, A.V. Zuev, O.V. Kalachik, L.I. Kotova, A.B. Legotin, A.B. Sabodash, V.N. Suchkov, G.IU. Timokhovskaia, D.M. Toropilov, A.P. Tutin, S.V. Priluckij, L.A. Fedotova, N.G. Khadikova, M.A. Morozova, D.D. Bolsun, E.A. Dokukina, IU.N. Linkova, R.A. Ivanov
Efficacy and safety of the first russian original long-acting erythropoiesis-stimulating agent for the treatment of anemia in patients with chronic renal failure. The results of the international multicenter randomized phase II clinical trial
№2 / 2019
O.N. Vetchinnikova, N.M. Zakharova
Therapeutic tactics in persistent and recurrent secondary (renal) hyperparathyroidism
№1 / 2013
Yumatov E.A., Sudakov K.V.
“Simbiotic” approach to compensation of chronic kidney disease in human
№5-6 / 2012
Yu.S. Milovanov, I.I. Alexandrova, L.Yu. Milovanova, I.A. Dobrosmislov
Malnutrition in dialysis treatment of acute and chornic renal failure (practice recommendations)
№2 / 2012
Without authors
First monograph of E.M. Tareev
№1 / 2012
O.N. Vetchinnikova, V.P. Pronina., M.V. Agaltsov, R.O. Kantarya
Left ventricular remodeling in peritoneal dyalisis patients
№1 / 2012
G.G. Garcia, P. Harden, J. Chapman
The Global Role of Kidney Transplantation
№6 / 2011
V.M. Ermolenko, N.N. Filatova
Recormon: 20 years of success in clinical practice
№5 / 2011
G.A. Makovetskaya, S.S. Terehin, Z.B. Danilova, Yu.Yu. Bazranova, I.V. Barinov
Interdisciplinary approach to management of children with obstructive nephropathy in prevention of chronic kidney disease
№4 / 2011
N.L. Kozlovskaya
Low molecular weight heparins in nephrologists practice
№1 / 2011
O.V. Rtischeva, O.F. Kalev
Lipid metabolism parameters in haemodialysis patients: age and gender features
№4 / 2010
L.A. Alekseeva, L.A. Popova, I.V. Ryzhenkova
Arterial hypertension and chronic renal failure in patients on long-term ambulatory management
№1 / 2010

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