Melatonin levels and markers of acute kidney injury in acute coronary syndrome

Z.D. Mikhailova, M.A. Shalenkova, P.F. Klimkin

Purpose. To identify features of melatonin (MT) levels and its relationship with serum creatinine and neutrophil gelatinase associated lipocalin (NGAL) levels in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS).
Materials and methods. In 146 patients with ACS and in 26 patients with stable angina (SA) of II-III clinical functional class, urine was collected on 1-3 days of hospitalization from 2,300 to 800 and from 800 to 2,300, and the content of MT metabolite (ng/ml) was determined using high performance liquid chromatography. In all patients fasting venous blood was sampled with the definition of creatinine (sCr1) (mmol/l) on 1-3 day of hospitalization using colorimetric method, with redetermination of sCr2 levels in patients with ACS at 24-72 h. In 78 patients with ACS and in 9 patients with SA, NGAL levels (ng / ml) in the blood (s-NGAL) and urine (u-NGAL) were determined on 1-3 day hospitalization using ELISA.
Results. Daily rhythm of MT secretion was preserved in patients with SA (0.31 and 0.26); in contrast, in patients with ACS it was disturbed (0.26 and 0.42). Acute kidney injury (AKI) according to the creatinine levels was diagnosed in 35 patients with ACS. S-NGAL levels more than 177 ng/ml were diagnosed in 48 patients with ACS, u-NGAL levels more than 72 ng/ml - in 7 patients with ACS. Cardiovascular complications were diagnosed in 52% of patients with early (predicted) AKI and in 80% of patients with late (dynamic) AKI.
Conclusion. MT, creatinine and NGAL levels can be used as an additional diagnostic criteria for predicting the course of hospital stage of ACS.

About the Autors

Information about the authors:
Mikhailova Z.D. – PhD in Medical Sciences, SBHCI NR "City Clinical Hospital № 38", Nizhny Novgorod
Shalenkova M.A. – MD, SBHCI NR "City Clinical Hospital № 38", Nizhny Novgorod
Klimkin P.F. - SBHCI NR "City Clinical Hospital № 38", Nizhny Novgorod

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