No-producing function of kidneys in children with chronic pyelonephritis and arterial hypertension

V.N. Luchaninova, E.G. Agapov, T.V. Pogodaeva

Aim. Characteristics of nitroxid-producing kidney function in children with chronic obstructive pyelonephritis and nephrogenic arterial hypertension. Methods. Poste-operative material after nephrectomy, performed in 16 children (age 3 - 15 years) with terminal hydronephrosis, chronic pyelonephritis and arterial hypertension were analysed. Kidneys of 8 healthy children, died in accidents (age 3 - 12 years) served as controls. NO-producing function of kidneys was analyzed according to NADPH-diaphorase activity. Results. NO-producing function of kidneys weakens according to increase of duration of chronic pyelonephritis; this processes correlates to severity of renal fibrosis and arterial hypertension.

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