Acute kidney injury in patients with community–acquired pneumonia

V.A. Serov, A.M. Shutov, M.Ju. Kuzovenkova, N.V. Krajnova, Ju.T. Garagedjan, M.M. Staraja, Ja.V. Ivanova

1 FSBEI HPE "Ulyanovsk State University", Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture, Medical Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine and Occupational Diseases; 2 SIH "Central Clinical Hospital of Ulyanovsk City"
The aim of the study was to investigate the incidence and severity of acute kidney injury (AKI) defined according to the KDIGO Recommendations in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). 162 patients with CAP were included in the study. It was found that CAP was complicated by AKI in 16.7% of cases. Most Aki cases were observed in elderly patients with respiratory failure, a history of urinary tract diseases, systolic hypotension of ≤90 mm Hg and diastolic hypotension of ≤60 mm Hg. AKI was associated with an increased risk of poor prognosis in patients with community-acquired pneumonia.


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About the Autors

Information about the authors:
Serov V.A. – Professor of Department of Internal Medicine and Occupational Diseases of FSBEI HPE UlSU, Ph.D.
Shutov A.M. – Professor, Head of Department of Internal Medicine and Occupational Diseases of FSBEI HPE UlSU, Ph.D.
Kuzovenkova M.Ju. – Clinical Pharmacologist of SIH "CCH of Ulyanovsk City"
Krajnova N.V. – Head of Pulmonology Department of SIH "CCH of Ulyanovsk City"
Garagedjan Ju.T. – Fifth-Year Student of Medical Faculty of FSBEI HPE UlSU
Staraja M.M. – Fifth-Year Student of Medical Faculty of FSBEI HPE UlSU
Ivanova Ja.V. – Fifth-Year Student of Medical Faculty of FSBEI HPE UlSU

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