Lipid metabolism parameters in haemodialysis patients: age and gender features

O.V. Rtischeva, O.F. Kalev

Aim of the study. To study dynamic of blood lipoprotein parameters in patients with chronic renal failure and determine influence of gender, age and heamodyalisis. Materials and methods. 283 patients were included into the study, 175 of them received heamodyalisis, 98 - with predyalisis renal failure, 80 had chronic renal failure without renal failure. Among standard clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation, parameters of lipoprotein metabolism were determined. Results. Both in men and women lowering of total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein cholesterol and high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in chronic renal failure, especially in patients on haemodyalisis, was detected. In women this type of changes of blood lipoprotein parameters was more prominent. Conclusion. In patients with chronic, especially terminal, renal failure, influence of gender and age on blood lipoprotein parameters levels should be taken into account.

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