Сlinical interrelations of arterial hypertension and gout

T.N. Khalfina, A.N. Maksudova

Aim. Characteristics of interrelations of arterial hypertension, uric acid metabolism parameters and severity of gout.
Methods. 65 patients with gout without chronic kidney disease were included into the study; 50 of them had arterial hypertension. Standard biochemical parameters of blood and urine, characterizing uric acid metabolism, were analyzed.
Results. Hypertensive patients had more severe gout (severity index 3,6 [2,7; 5] vs 2,2 [2; 3]) and higher levels of uricemia (555[472,5; 625,5] vs 454 [355;504] mcmol/l). Patients with arterial hypertension III stage had highest levels of uricemia and the most severe gout.
Conclusion. Uricemia and severity of gout increased according to the enhancement of arterial hypertension.

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