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Nosov V.P., Koroleva L.Yu., Solovyanova E.N.
Arterial hypertension in kidney transplantation – modern treatment strategy
№4 / 2023
Vorotylov A.A., Mikhailova Z.D.
Features of kidney damage in metabolic syndrome
№2 / 2023
Osipov E.V., Batyushin M.M., Nalgieva Z.M.
Impaired sleep-wakefulness and quality of life in patients with arterial hypertension and chronic kidney disease
№3 / 2022
E.F. Barinov, Kh.V. Grigoryan, Yu. Yu. Malinin
Association of nephrolitiasis with arterial hypertension: gender specificities of comorbidity pathogenesis
№2 / 2021
E.G. Dorofeeva
Early stages of CKD: problems and prospects
№1 / 2019
V.Yu. Shylo, I.Yu. Drachev
The effect of pre- and post-dialysis blood pressure and its variations during the hemodialysis procedure on the survival of patients in a 5-year cohort study conducted in real-life clinical setting
№3 / 2017
T.E. Pankratenko, N.V. Balashova, E.M. Mayorova, T.Yu. Abaseyeva, Kh.M. Emirova
Cardiovascular disease and endothelial dysfunction in children with chronic
№2 / 2017
A.V. Nikolaeva, L.T. Pimenov
Renal function and cardio-renal relationship in patients with primary hypothyroidism and concurrent arterial hypertension
№1 / 2017
D.O. Dragunov, A.V. Sokolova, T.V. Latyshev, G.P. Arutyunov
Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in comorbid patients
№3-4 / 2016
T.A. Mulerova, E.S. Filimonov, M.Yu. Ogarkov, N.N. Epifantseva, V.N. Vyalova, L.G. Kheringson, N.A. Troshkina, A.V. Kolbasko
The kidney as a target organ of hypertension among residents of Mountain Shoria
№2 / 2016
A.V. Sokolova, D.O. Dragunov, G.P. Arutyunov, M.V. Kobyakov
Urine Conductivity a New Marker for Adverse Circadian Blood Pressure Profile
№2 / 2016
A.V. Sokolova, D.O. Dragunov, G.P. Arutjunov
Strategy of drug therapy selection in patients with hypertension and renal tubulointersticial injury
№1 / 2015

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