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D.A. Aiypova, E.N. Ahunova, R.R. Kaliev
Geometric models of left ventricular remodeling in patients with predialysis stages of chronic kidney disease
№3 / 2014
A.P. Rebrov, A.L. Kuklina
Cystatin C and target organ damage in arterial hypertension
№2 / 2013
Burmagina A.G., Nikolaev A.Yu.
Association of prehypertension with risk factors of chronic kidney disease, arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis
№5-6 / 2012
O.N. Vetchinnikova, V.P. Pronina., M.V. Agaltsov, R.O. Kantarya
Left ventricular remodeling in peritoneal dyalisis patients
№1 / 2012
S.A. Savelieva, A.A. Kriachkova, I.M. Kutyrina, M.V. Shestakova
Cardio-renal interrelations in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 and obesity
№5 / 2011
M.G. Gallyamov, M.M. Severova, O.A. Surkova
Development of early stages of chronic kidney disease in patients with obesity
№6 / 2010
M.L. Nanchikeeva, L.V. Kozlovskaya
Nephroprotecive and cardioprotective effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor in patients with hypertensive nephropathy
№6 / 2010
Moisseev S.V., Fomin V.V., Saginova E.A.
The HOPE Study: putting it’s experience into clinical practice
№3 / 2009
G.E. Gendlin, MD., PhD., Prof; V.Yu. Shilo, MD.; N.A. Tomilina, MD., PhD., Prof; G.I Storogakov, MD., PhD., Prof; S.V. Borisovskaya, MD.; O.A. Ettinger, MD; S.V. Badaeva, MD.; O.A. Gavryushina, MD., PhD.
Left ventricular myocardial hypertrophy and its prognostic role at chronic kidney disease
№1 / 2009

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