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Rebrov A.P., Grigoryeva E.V., Petrov G.S., Polidanov M.A., Kondrashkin I.E., Blokhin I.S., Tyapkina D.A., Boroday A.A.
Patients receiving renal replacement therapy with hemodialysis and taking NSAIDs during the COVID-19 pandemic
№3 / 2022
Shutov E.V., Bolshakov S.A., Kotlyarova G.V., Emelyanova E.B., Sorokoletov S.M., Dolidze D.D.
Evaluation of humoral response to Gam-Covid-Vac (Sputnik V) vaccination against COVID-19 in patients on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis
№3 / 2022
Volgina G.V.
Calcimimetics in the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroisis in dialysis patients: comparison of the efficacy and safety of cinacalcet and etelcalcetide
№1 / 2022
Grigoryeva E.V., Voloshinova E.V., Tоlmazova O.N., Shesterkina J.V., Horkina I.Y.
Dialysis-dependent acute kidney injury in a multidisciplinary hospital: a retrospective analysis of fatal outcomes
№1 / 2022
Tishkina S.V., Mikhailova N.A., Kartsev A.M., Tishkina A.V., Pushkina A.V., Derinova E.A.
Сorrection of nutritional status violations by a diet in patiets on maintenance hemodialysis with and without diabetes type 2
№1 / 2022
A.P. Rebrov, E.V. Grigoryeva, G.S. Petrov, J.I. Vorobieva, M.S. Sitnikova
Patients receiving renal replacement therapy with hemodialysis and taking NSAIDS: real clinical practice
№4 / 2021
S.I. Rey, N.V. Vasina, G.A. Berdnikov, L.V. Marchenkova, O. N. Kotenko
Organization of renal replacement therapy in emergency medicine in the context of new Coronaviral infection
№2 / 2021
A.A. Antonov, T.P. Bezdenezhnykh, A.A. Trifonova, O.N. Kotenko, V.V. Omelyanovskiy, N.Z. Musina
Economic evaluation of renal replacement therapy strategies in Moscow
№2 / 2021
S.I. Rey, N.V. Vasin, L.V. Marchenkov, O.N. Kotenko
Principles for the organization of renal replacement therapy in emergency medicine of the Moscow healthcare department
№4 / 2019
Ye.V. Shutov, G.V. Kotlyarova, K.M. Lysenko, D.V. Fedorov
Clinical trial of calcium polystyrene sulfonate for the treatment of hyperkalemia in patients on hemodialysis
№1 / 2019
V.Yu. Shylo, I.Yu. Drachev
The effect of pre- and post-dialysis blood pressure and its variations during the hemodialysis procedure on the survival of patients in a 5-year cohort study conducted in real-life clinical setting
№3 / 2017
K.Sh. Dzheyentaev, R.R. Kaliyev
Features of development and clinical picture of pulmonary hypertension in patients with chronic kidney disease
№2 / 2017

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