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Murkamilov I.T., Sabirov I.S., Murkamilova Zh.A., Fomin V.V., Sabirova A.I., Kudaybergenova I.O., Yusupov F.A., Maanaev T.I.
The prevalence of risk factors for cerebrovascular diseases in patients with chronic kidney disease and renal failure
№3 / 2022
D.V. Artemov
The use of a complex of ferric oxyhydroxide, sucrose and starch (Velforo 500) in patients on programmed hemodialysis in the routine practice of an outpatient dialysis center: results of a prospective randomized trial
№4 / 2021
A.M. Esayan, A.R. Rind
The role of patient’s adherence in the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease
№2 / 2020
E.A. Gorelova, N.N. Chernysheva, O.N. Kotenko, E.V. Shutov
Contemporary opportunities for using phosphate binders in dialysis patients
№1 / 2017
V.M. Ermolenko, N.N. Filatova
New iron-containing phosphate-binding agents for the correction of hyperphosphatemia in patients with chronic kidney disease
№3-4 / 2016
V.M. Ermolenko
Renal osteodystrophy: initioal events
№2-3 / 2015
A.Yu. Zemchenkov 1, 2, R.P. Gerasimchuk 1, K.A. Vishnevskii 1, G.A. Zemchenkov 1
Hyperphosphatemia in patients with chronic kidney disease in hemodyalisis: risks and opportunities of correction
№4 / 2013
N.A. Mikhailova
Role of phosphate-binders in treatment of bone-mineral disturbances in chronic kidney disease with emphasis on phosphate homeostasis disorders in their development (review)
№1 / 2013
Milovanova L.Yu., Milovanov Y.S., Dobrosmislov I.A., Moiseev S.V.
Perspectives of sevelamer in hyperphosphatemia treatment in patients with chronic kidney disease stage III–V
№5-6 / 2012

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