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A.M. Essaian, G.P. Arutyunov, O.G. Melikhov
Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in primary care patients. results of a prospective observational study in 12 regions of Russia
№3 / 2021
I.T. Murkamilov
The prevalence, clinical and functional characteristics of chronic kidney disease in residents of urban and rural areas in the Kyrgyz Republic
№4 / 2019
А.Yu. Nickolaev, N.N. Filatova
Risk factors and prevention of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (literature review)
№1 / 2019
M. M. Batushin
The use of ketoacids in chronic kidney disease
№3-4 / 2016
E.V. Bolotova, A.V. Dudnikova
Features of renal dysfunction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
№2-3 / 2015
A.Ju. Lazutkina, V.V. Gorbunov
Predictors of chronic kidney disease in workers of locomotive crews
№2-3 / 2015
I.I. Aleksandorva, Yu.S. Milovanov, I.A. Dobrosmyslov
Early diagnosis and correction of nutritive status abnormalities in predialysis and hemodialysis chronic kidney disease patients
№3 / 2014
E.V. Bolotova, I.V. Samorodskaya, A.V. Dudnikova, S.A. Kartavenkov
Prevalence of decreased glomerular filtration rate in working-able population of krasnodar city
№3 / 2014
O.N. Sigitova, A.R. Bogdanova
Acute kidney injury in coronary heart disease after revascularization procedure: risk factors and outcomes
№3 / 2013
S.Y Serikova, N.L Kozlovskaya, I.N Bobkova
Premature development and progression of atherosclerosis in systemic lupus erythematosus
№3 / 2013
V.V. Cheltsov
NSAID-induced nephropathies
№5 / 2011
N.S. Kirshina, L.T. Pimenov
Chronic kidney disease risk factors in development of renal dysfunction in chronic heart failure patients
№3 / 2011

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