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Murkamilov I.T., Sabirov I.S., Murkamilova Zh.A., Fomin V.V., Sabirova A.I., Kudaybergenova I.O., Yusupov F.A., Maanaev T.I.
The prevalence of risk factors for cerebrovascular diseases in patients with chronic kidney disease and renal failure
№3 / 2022
Komissarov K.S., Krasko O.V., Dmitrieva M.V., Letkovskaja T.A., Lugovskaya M.A., Kalinovskaya J.I., Pilotovich V.S.
IgA-nephropathy in Belarusian cohort. Сlinical and pathological peculiarities, factors, associated with unfavorable outcome
№3 / 2022
A.M. Essaian, G.P. Arutyunov, O.G. Melikhov
Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in primary care patients. results of a prospective observational study in 12 regions of Russia
№3 / 2021
I.T. Murkamilov
The prevalence, clinical and functional characteristics of chronic kidney disease in residents of urban and rural areas in the Kyrgyz Republic
№4 / 2019
А.Yu. Nickolaev, N.N. Filatova
Risk factors and prevention of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (literature review)
№1 / 2019
M. M. Batushin
The use of ketoacids in chronic kidney disease
№3-4 / 2016
E.V. Bolotova, A.V. Dudnikova
Features of renal dysfunction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
№2-3 / 2015
A.Ju. Lazutkina, V.V. Gorbunov
Predictors of chronic kidney disease in workers of locomotive crews
№2-3 / 2015
I.I. Aleksandorva, Yu.S. Milovanov, I.A. Dobrosmyslov
Early diagnosis and correction of nutritive status abnormalities in predialysis and hemodialysis chronic kidney disease patients
№3 / 2014
E.V. Bolotova, I.V. Samorodskaya, A.V. Dudnikova, S.A. Kartavenkov
Prevalence of decreased glomerular filtration rate in working-able population of krasnodar city
№3 / 2014
O.N. Sigitova, A.R. Bogdanova
Acute kidney injury in coronary heart disease after revascularization procedure: risk factors and outcomes
№3 / 2013
S.Y Serikova, N.L Kozlovskaya, I.N Bobkova
Premature development and progression of atherosclerosis in systemic lupus erythematosus
№3 / 2013

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