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A.Yu. Nickolaev, N.N. Filatova
Secondary metabolic syndrome – a common pathology and a poor prognostic factor
№3 / 2019
A.Yu. Nikolayev
Drug-induced hypertension in the clinic of internal diseases
№2 / 2017
Ja.F. Zverev, V.M. Brjuhanov
Modern view on mechanisms of uric acid nephrolithiasis
№5-6 / 2015
B.G. Iskenderov, O.N. Sisina
Acute kidney injury and its prognostic value for patients with metabolic syndrome and intact glomerular filtration who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting
№1 / 2015
V.V. Fomin
Urinary tract infections in diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome: role of combined phytotherapy
№4 / 2013
N.V. Zagorodnikova, O.N. Rzhevskaya, K.E. Lazareva, N.V. Shmarina, A.V. Pinchuk
Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in early perioperative period after renal tranplantation
№3 / 2013
I.A. Tiuzikov, A.P. Ivanov
Interdisciplinary approach to diagnosis of diseases of solitary kidney in men
№2 / 2013
E.M. Shilov, E.I. Levankovskaya, M.S. Novikova
New approaches in treatment of chronic kidney disease in metabolic syndrome
№2 / 2012
E.A. Saginova, M.M. Severova, M.G. Galliamov, N.V. Ermakov, A.V. Rodina, V.V. Fomin, N.A. Moukhin
Clinical sighnificance of adiponectinemia in development of target organ-damage in metabolic syndrome, associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
№6 / 2011
M.M. Severova, E.A. Saginova, M.G. Gallyamov, N.V. Ermakov, A.V. Rodina, M.V. Severov, V.V. Fomin, N.A. Moukhin
Association of leptinemia and adiponectinemia with chronic kidney disease in patients with metabolic syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
№1 / 2011
V.V. Fomin, E.A. Saginova
Aliskiren – direct renin inhibitor in treatment of cardio-renal syndrome in patients with metabolic syndrome and obesity
№4 / 2010
I.M. Kutyrina, A.A. Kriachkova, S.A. Savelieva, M.V. Shestakova
Role of aldosterone in development of kidney disease in metabolic syndrome, associated with obesity
№4 / 2010

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